Moussa Zakari: eighteen, first victim, a “truck-pusher,” boys and young men who push 4-wheeled carts around Accra loaded with scrap metal.
Ebenezer Sarpong: sixteen, second victim
Comfort (unknown last name): sixteen, third victim, a kakayo (porter) and a prostitute.
Inspector Darko Dawson
Christine Dawson: wife of Darko Dawson.
Sly: a bright boy. His irresponsible uncle, Gamel, doesn’t send him to school. Instead, Sly spends the whole day salvaging metal from the mountains of e-waste dumped in Sodom and Gomorrah.
Hosiah: Darko's son, now seven.
DS Chikata: Darko's subordinate officer.
Chief Superintendent Lartey: Chikata's doting uncle.
Daramani: Ex-small town thief, he has gone straight but he still smokes marijuana like a chimney and still offers it to Darko.
Dr. Anum Biney: forensic pathologist extraordinaire returns to help Darko with these baffling cases.
Allen Botswe, PhD: widower, international expert in African Criminal Psychology.
Obi: Botswe's faithful valet, butler, handyman and “chief of staff” of the large number of servants in the household.
Genevieve Kusi: a stunning beauty about thirty, runs the Street Children of Accra Refuge.
Austin Kusi: Genevieve’s brother.
Patience Gyamfi: one of Genevieve’s caseworkers.
Socrate: webmaster for SCOAR who has agreed to double as photographer.
Tedamm: a thug who runs a racket of kickbacks from the street kids.