• Death at the Voyager Hotel

    One morning in the cosmopolitan West African city of Accra, the Voyager Hotel gains a notoriety it would rather not have. Hotel guest Heather Peterson, a beautiful, young Oregonian teacher, is found dead at the bottom of the pool. The police authorities deem it an accidental drowning, but how could that be when Heather was such a powerful swimmer? As Paula Djan investigates, she may be headed down a dangerous path where the killer lies in wait with every intention of making Paula the second death at the Voyager Hotel.

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  • Murder at Cape Three Points

    Two corpses in a canoe adrift around a deep-sea oilrig, a nineteenth-century pocket watch with a scrawled inscription invoking blood ties—what does it all mean? Inspector Darko Dawson needs to find out, and as he delves into the greed and corruption of Ghana’s brand new oil industry, he discovers deep family secrets that reflect painfully on his own life.

    "A sensitive novel of powerful family passions, set in the unique and vivid colors of Ghana."
    Anne Perry

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  • Children of the Street

    As Inspector Darko Dawson investigates a series of deadly killings in Ghana’s capital, Accra, he is plunged into the brutal environment of a dog-eat-dog underground economy in which street children fight for their very survival.

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  • Wife of the Gods

    In a remote Ghanaian village where an age-old custom of female indentured servitude is practiced, Inspector Darko Dawson investigates the murder of a young medical student who clashed with the village elders. As Dawson experiences culture shock, he must face a difficult past that continues to haunt him.

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