Here are the main characters you will meet in Wife Of The Gods:

Darko Dawson: a CID detective in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.
Christine: Darko’s wife.
Hosiah: Darko’s and Christine’s young son.
Beatrice: Darko’s mother. Missing without trace.
Jacob: Darko’s father.
Gifty: Darko’s mother-in-law.
Osewa: Darko’s aunt.
Kweku: Osewa’s husband.
Alifoe: Osewa’s and Kweku’s son.
Chief Superintendent Theophilus Lartey: Darko’s boss.
Detective Chikata: Darko’s work partner.
Dr. Anum Biney: an experienced forensic pathologist.
Constable Gyamfi: a rural policeman.
Inspector Max Fiti: Gyamfi’s boss.
Isaac Kutu: a herbalist, son of a traditional healer.
Fafali Acheampong: a fetish priest in the village of Bedome.
Efia: one of Acheampong’s five wives.
Ama: Efia’s teen-aged daughter.
Gladys Mensah: a medical student, helping the educational campaign against HIV/AIDS. Murdered.