Based in Pasadena, California, Kwei Jones Quartey, M.D. is a writer of African crime fiction. He practiced medicine for more than 20 years while simultaneously working as a writer, balancing the two careers by writing early mornings before clinic. However, in 2018, he made the decision to retire from medicine to write full time.
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About Kwei Jones Quartey

WIFE OF THE GODS, the acclaimed debut in his Inspector Darko Dawson series, was on the Los Angeles Times Bestseller List in 2009. A year later, G.O.G. National Book Club awarded him the title of Best Male Author. Quartey's novel, THE MISSING AMERICAN, is a 2020 Edgar Allan Poe Award nominee.


In 2020, the Emma Djan Investigations series debuted with the highly praised THE MISSING AMERICAN, followed by the sequel, SLEEP WELL, MY LADY.

In a starred review, Jane Murphy of Publishers Weekly says, " . . . Quartey, also the author of the Darko Dawson series, is one of the strong voices in the current wave of African crime fiction, which provides relevant insight into a continent anxious to maintain its unique identity yet thrive in the twenty-first-century world." 

The son of a Black American mother and Ghanaian father, Dr. Quartey is a Ghanaian-American writer who grew up in both Ghana and the United States. His passion is to promote African American writers, African literature, 

African bestseller fiction, and African mystery writers.


Dr. Quartey feels that African mysteries (sometimes called "African Noir" or "Sunshine Noir") deserve a seat at the table of international thrillers and mysteries. His novels are the only contemporary West African mystery series issued by major international publishers such as Penguin-Random House and Soho Press in the United States, and Allison & Busby in the United Kingdom.

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