Death At The Voyager Hotel


  • Beyond this context, Quartey has once again constructed a gripping mystery. A young American woman who has been volunteering at the school drowns in the pool of her hotel. The police are quick to write it off as an accident, but Paula is convinced there is more to it. She begins her own investigation, which zips along to a surprising, action-packed ending.

    -David Evans – Amazon reviews

  • I began reading Kwei Quartey books a few years ago, so when I stumbled upon this one, it definitely caught my attention. Stated simply, this book was short and sweet. Great plot, great characters, great read. Generally speaking, I am not a fan of mystery/detective novels, but I really liked this book, along with others by this author. For Ghanaian readers, it is nice to finally read a book where you are able to recognize certain locations, certain customs, etc. Overall, damn good book.

    -Andrea Smith – Amazon Reviews

  • I loved Death at the Voyager Hotel…as a fan of Quartey’s Dawson Darko mysteries, I was intrigued by a shorter book and a new main character. He didn’t disappoint.

    In a way only Quartey can, I didn’t know “who done it” until it was revealed to me and, even then, it looked like the killer would win. You have to read it for yourself to see what happens.

    One thing I really enjoyed about the e-book format was the links that gave more information on different Ghanaian cultural sites and attractions. This provided a rich backdrop to the story.

    -Curtis L Honeycutt – Amazon Reviews

  • I was excited to be able to download and read Death at the Voyager Hotel as soon as it became available. The author, Kwei Quartey, is a favorite of mine, being the author of the Darko Dawson books. This was an extra special bonus book!

    Death at the Voyager Hotel has the enjoyment of being a mystery written as “a who dun it”, which should be enjoyable to all mystery fans, the main character already deserves a second book, she was interesting, fun, just enough spice to enjoy her antics.

    Again, other than wanting more, author Kwei Quartey has again brought Ghana to us, but we have a woman lead, a school, her friends, family, etc. Again, I would like to see if Paula Djan is going to bring us more mystery and fun at the same time.

    – Barbara S Albin. – Amazon Reviews

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