Gold Of Our Fathers


  • “The fourth installment in Quartey’s atmospheric Darko Dawson series sees the newly promoted hero investigating Ghana’s corrupt gold-mining industry—where the bad guy’s deep pockets render them fearless.”

    —Entertainment Weekly

  • “[Quartey] excels at evoking a sense of place and the many aspects, both appealing and dismaying, of his native land.”

    —The Seattle Times

  • “A wonderful gem of a story . . . If you have ever read and are a fan of Alexander McCall Smith’s African based stories, you will definitely appreciate Gold of Our Fathers. Do grab a copy and get into Darko’s world of policing in Ghana . . . it will truly come to life for you!”


  • “Exceptional . . . Fans of mysteries that offer a window into another culture will be more than satisfied.”

    —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

  • “Dawson finds himself caught between warring factions—not just the good guys and the bad guys, but the good guys and the not-so-good guys.”

    —Kirkus Reviews

  • “Quartey presents a good-hearted policeman in a noir world of exploitation and corruption.”


  • “A realistic view of contemporary Ghana through the eyes of an appealing hero, a detective who refuses to cut corners or compromise on his professional ethics . . . Quartey’s sympathetic depiction of daily life adds depth and avoids making the setting exotic or ominous.”

    —Reviewing The Evidence

  • “Quartey’s strong mysteries and well-delineated characters, [and] the vivid setting of Ghana, its culture, and its people are not to be missed . . . Fiction in general—and crime fiction in particular—does have the power to both enlighten and entertain, and Kwei Quartey is very adept at both.”

    —Kittling Books

  • “Mr. Quartey paints a fascinating picture of a country most of us know little about. The series is often compared to that of Alexander McCall Smith’s (about Botswana) in its depth of capturing the very personality of the country. Add a dose of thriller and you have it! This is a great series that will leave you eager to read the next one.”


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