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In my film reviews, I start with the benchmark of five stars and then deduct half or one point if the film falls short in any of the following categories: · Storyline · Screenplay · Acting · Direction · Character Arcs

Picture of Anna Diop and Sinqua Walls from the movie NANNY
Anna Diop, Sinqua Walls: NANNY (Image: Stable Diffusion XL)

Plot Overview

“Nanny” on Prime Video tells the poignant story of Aisha, portrayed by the talented @AnnaDiop, a Senegalese immigrant navigating the complexities of New York City. With the dream of reuniting with her son, Aisha takes a job as a nanny to Rose, the young daughter of a dysfunctional, wealthy, socialite couple played by @MichelleMonaghan and @MorganSpector. As Aisha struggles with delayed wages and unwanted advances, a romance ignites between her and the magnetic concierge @SinquaWalls. But her situation is fraught with challenges that test her resilience and determination.

Cast Highlights

Starring the exceptional Anna Diop as Aisha, the film is an ensemble of stellar performances, including Michelle Monaghan as the troubled Amy, Sinqua Walls portraying the charismatic Malik, Morgan Spector as the disengaged, adulterous Adam, alongside the young talent @RoseDecker as Rose, and the legendary @LeslieUggams as Kathleen. These actors bring to life a narrative rich in cultural and emotional layers embracing African mythology.


The movie strikes a chord in the intersection of drama and horror, weaving in elements of African culture, such as the Ananse the Spider. With Anna Diop’s Aisha and Rose Decker's Rose at the film’s heart, their experiences with visions and the supernatural are a part of their emotional makeup. This film is, therefore, a cultural exploration that defies some genre constraints while a testament to the resilience of African immigrants.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The storyline is a tender and evocative portrayal of African immigrant experiences in the United States, blending drama and horror elements. The screenplay is excellent. The acting ensemble, led by Anna Diop, delivers top-tier. Direction is executed with a clear vision and artistry. Character arcs, mainly Aisha's, are impactful and well-developed, though others may fall slightly behind.

  • Storyline: Tender and rich with the complex experiences of African immigrants in America. The mixture of two genres may throw off drama and horror fans.

  • Screenplay: Excellently written.

  • Acting: Top tier, with all characters beautifully played

  • Direction: The vision is clear, and the execution is superb; masterfully shot

  • Character arcs: Powerful in Aisha’s case, others not as much

Bottom line

The genre-blending in this film offers a unique viewing experience. While it may not satisfy those searching for conventional horror, it remains a piece of cinema worthy of attention.

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