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Coming Feb 07.23

Last Seen In Lapaz

Just as things at work are slowing down for PI Emma Djan, an old friend of her boss’s asks for help locating his missing daughter. According to her father, Ngozi had a bright future ahead of her when she became secretive and withdrawn. Suddenly, all she wanted to do was be with her handsome new beau, Femi, instead of attending law school in the fall. So when she disappears from her parents’ house in Nigeria the middle of a summer night, they immediately suspect Femi was behind it and have reason to believe the pair has fled to Accra.

During Emma’s first week on the case, Femi is found murdered at his opulent residence in Accra. There are no signs of Ngozi at the scene, and fearing the worst, Emma digs further, discovering that Femi was part of a network of sex traffickers across West Africa.

Emma must figure out which of Femi’s many enemies killed him, but more urgently, she must find Ngozi before she, too, is murdered in cold blood.

Praise for Last Seen In Lapaz

"Kwei Quartey's Last Seen in Lapaz is a true reward. A daring, ingenious thriller propelled by strong women, ceaseless intrigue and scintillating prose." 

—Kalisha Buckhanon, author of Speaking of Summer


“From Lagos to Ghana, and through the Sahara to Libya,

Last Seen in Lapaz is a story that is as gripping as it is important.”

—Leye Adenle, author of Easy Motion Tourist


“Kwei Quartey’s Last Seen In Lapaz is a Murder Mystery You Won’t Be Able To Put Down.”

--Kuhelika Ghosh, Brittle Paper

The landscape is quite real as are all of his characters. I never want his books to end

—Beth (Goodreads)


📖Plot development - Outstanding 
📖Character development- Out of this world 
📖Writing style- Impeccable

📖Plot development – Outstanding

--Lady Tamakloe (Goodreads)

What distinguishes Quartey's books from so many others are the strength of his writing, his plotting and character development, and his increasing focus on important societal issues.

--Paul Kauffman


Well-defined characters complement the clever narrative structure . . .

--Publishers Weekly

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