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Africa's Political and Moral Decline

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

PART TWO: Questioning Ghana's Traditional Norms and Family Values


Ghana's Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, aimed at outlawing LGBTQ+ identities, erroneously cites threats to Ghanaian social norms and family values. This defense ignores the evolutionary nature of societal norms, which historically adapt over time, debunking the notion of their supposed immutability.

Evolving Norms and Gender Roles Norms are dynamic, evident in the global shift of gender roles and the rise of women's educational attainment and career participation. Despite progress, Ghana still ranks low in female political representation and professional engagement.

Education and Gender Equality

With significant strides in girls' education and female political inclusion in some African nations, Ghana's growth in these areas contrasts its underrepresentation of women in higher political and professional fields.

Child Marriage

The declining rates of child marriage in Ghana reflect positive change, yet these practices persist in some regions, highlighting the need for ongoing reform.

Ghanaian Family Values Under Scrutiny

Contrary to the portrayal of Ghana's family values as exemplary, the reality includes discrimination against persons with disabilities, child abuse, and harmful treatment of individuals with mental health disorders. Government action falls short of protecting these vulnerable groups.

Teenage Pregnancy, Rape, and Incest

Ghana's high teenage pregnancy rates and the underreporting of rape and incest reveal familial and societal challenges, questioning the integrity of proclaimed family values.

Adultery and Serial Fathering

Adultery and serial fathering, prevalent in Ghana, pose a greater risk to family structure than LGBTQ+ relationships, underscoring the double standards in marital fidelity and questioning the proclaimed family values.

Bottom Line

The glorification of Ghanaian family values stands in stark contrast to the actual disarray within family dynamics, making the vilification of LGBTQ+ individuals a hypocritical stance. Acknowledging adultery and teenage pregnancy as critical issues, as noted by legal practitioner Akoto Ampaw, is essential in addressing the actual threats to Ghanaian family systems.

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