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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

In my film reviews, I start with the benchmark of five stars and then deduct half or one point if the film falls short in any of the following categories:

  • Storyline Quality

  • Screenplay Excellence

  • Acting Prowess

  • Direction Precision

  • Character Arc Development

Fair Play Movie Review: Chloe Domont's Directorial Masterpiece

Poe AI generated image of beautiful red-haired Phoebe Dynevor and handsome, dark-haired Alden Ehrenreich in FAIR PLAY
Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich in FAIR PLAY (Image by Poe AI)

Debuting in 2023, "Fair Play" is an American erotic thriller that marks Chloe Domont's entry into feature film directing. The initial showcase at the Sundance Film Festival generated significant buzz, eventually leading Netflix to acquire it for a whopping $20 million.

Cast Highlights:

  • Phoebe Dynevor as Emily Meyers

  • Alden Ehrenreich as Luke Edwards

  • Eddie Marsan

  • Rich Sommer

Set against the backdrop of One Crest Capital, a competitive New York hedge fund firm, the narrative follows the secret romance between analysts Emily and Luke. Their world undergoes a seismic shift when the firm's portfolio manager is abruptly ousted and whispers about Luke's potential promotion to the position start making rounds. But, a twist reveals Emily, not Luke, as CEO Campbell's (Eddie Marsan) choice for the coveted position. The interpersonal dynamics and tension that ensue are gripping, with moments so intense that viewers might find themselves holding their breath.


  • Storyline: Stellar and riveting.

  • Screenplay: Utterly captivating.

  • Acting: A class apart with performances that stay with you.

  • Directing: Chloe Domont showcases exceptional talent in her first feature film.

  • Character Arcs: While largely believable, there's a particular moment where Emily's actions felt inconsistent with her established character, prompting a minor deduction of half a star.

Final Rating: ★★★★½

If you're in search of a gripping thriller that captures corporate intrigue and personal dynamics, Chloe Domont's "Fair Play" is a must-watch trending in 2023. It promises a cinematic experience that will remain etched in memory.

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