Updated: Jan 12

My first African safari was when I was a kid. I went to one of the national wildlife parks in Kenya with my mother and brother. We saw several warthogs and not much else. I can assure you, you see one warthog, you’ve seen them all. West Africa does not have quite the reputation for its animal parks that East and Southern Africa do, but there’s one in northern Ghana that has a lot to offer, Mole National Park. Established in 1958, Mole is the largest wildlife refuge in Ghana. Before that, it had been a game reserve.

An introduction to the park should include the mostly government-run Mole Motel, which has been around for a while, and a relatively new, 1.5-year-old Zaina Lodge, which is a high-end hotel with sustainability and community support as bedrocks of its existence.

I don’t blog about a hotel unless it has a unique or distinctive character that makes it worth visiting in and of itself. Zaina satisfies that criterion.

Polished, packed earth forms the materials from which the lodge’s walls are constructed. The design takes inspiration from the nearby Larabanga Mosque, Ghana’s oldest mosque dating from the seventeenth century according to some sources, although the local population date it to 1421 or so.

The entrance to the lodge struck me as rather “bare” due to the lack of one item: the name of the Lodge. My suggestion to management was/is to place a bold sign above or to one side of the entrance with Zaina’s distinctive logo:

This is a unique logo (copyrighted, I hope), and if lit