Updated: Jan 12

The first piece of information I learned quickly from Alhassan, who is a pleasant, avuncular man, is that this part of the year, the tail end of the rainy season, is decidedly not the best time to see wild animals in Mole National Park because the ground is covered by tall grass and green shrubbery in and behind which the animals hide. For example, the antelope somewhere in the image below might not be so easy to discern for everyone.

I had a sinking feeling that my safari was about to turn out to be a dud. I felt a little encouraged when, soon after entering the park, I saw my first antelope, the kob. That’s when I learned the second item of fact: the kob is the dominant antelope at Mole and is about as ubiquitous as the trees themselves. In other words, spotting a kob is not exactly a news flash.