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★ KWEI’S FILM REVIEWS-12: “Something From Tiffany's” on Prime Video

In my film reviews, I start with the benchmark of five stars and then deduct half or one point if the film falls short in any of the following categories: · Storyline · Screenplay · Acting · Direction · Character Arcs

The reviews are my opinions alone.

Kendrick Sampson and Zoey Deutch stand close in a romantic embrace surrounded by elegant Christmas trees outside Tiffany's store in a promotional still for 'Something from Tiffany's' on Prime Video
Kendrick Sampson and Zoey Deutch in a romantic Christmas scene from "Something from Tiffany's," a holiday highlight on Prime Video (Image:DALL-E)

Plot Overview

A Tiffany's Mix-Up: "Something from Tiffany's," the delightful 2022 Christmas movie available on Prime Video, is a romantic comedy revolving around a mix-up of gifts from Tiffany's famed jewelry store. This unexpected twist leads to a series of engaging romantic developments, combining the charm of the holiday season with the thrill of newfound love.

Cast Highlights

The cast brings the romantic comedy to life with dynamic and heartfelt performances that add depth and humor to the film. Their portrayals connect with the audience, ensuring that each character's journey is relatable and memorable. Although the storyline is predictable, the chemistry among the cast members enhances the film's appeal.

Behind The Scenes

Adapted from the bestselling novel by Melissa Hill, "Something from Tiffany's" on Prime Video translates the book's charm onto the screen. While the film navigates through a 'dramedy of errors,' with coincidences that stretch believability at times, it remains an endearing and heartwarming romantic comedy. Although occasionally awkward, the direction successfully captures the novel's essence, resulting in an overall positive and engaging film experience.


"Something from Tiffany's" goes beyond the typical romantic comedy tropes, delving into deeper themes of kindness, respect, and integrity in relationships. It thoughtfully portrays that authentic connections transcend race and sexual orientation, focusing instead on the integrity of individuals. This message is woven into the narrative, offering viewers a meaningful and contemporary take on love and relationships.

Wrap-up and Star Rating

4 Stars

Despite narrative and directorial challenges, "Something from Tiffany's" is a heartwarming and enjoyable romantic comedy that captures the festive spirit of Christmas while delivering a meaningful message. It rates a well-deserved 4 out of 5 stars, making it a recommended watch with depth as a feel-good holiday movie.

Bottom Line

"Something from Tiffany's" is more than just a holiday film; it's a reminder of the power of love and kindness in a world that often forgets these values. In contrast to the previously reviewed film, this is a warm, feel-good movie worth watching, especially for those who enjoy a good-hearted story with a touch of Christmas magic.


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