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Letter from Ghana

I’ve been in Ghana now for just under a month combining books/family/leisure, although I have to say I’ve had little of the latter. A plan to travel to a well-known monkey sanctuary in the Volta Region this weekend got nixed by some business that came up.

Some of the locales and experienced echo events in my upcoming novel THE MISSING AMERICAN (TMA) for example, the first-time arrival of one of the main characters into the new Terminal 3 at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana’s capital, Accra. It was my first as well.

Customs, T3, Kotoka International Airport (photo: Kwei Quartey)

Letter from Ghana: The Missing American (Coming Jan 14, 2020)

Affairs concerning books have been active! Not long after my arrival I visited the Vidya Bookstore in Accra, which has been carrying some of my novels on a limited basis. The impediment, bookstore owner Heena (below) explained to me, is the expense of shipping books from the US. The costs from the UK are considerably less steep.

At Vidya Bookstore with owner Heena Karamchandani

Last week I was on a Citi FM radio program hosted by Writers Project of Ghana (WPG), reading from and discussing TMA along with brilliant young Nigerian Nnamdi Oguike, author of Do Not Say It’s Not Your Country

WPG also organizes readings at Jamestown Cafe, a place I’ve never been but which sounds fascinating. I’ll be reading from TMA there as well on August 3rd, a few days before I leave Ghana and head to a completely different environment: Sweden!

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