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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

After landing at the West Leo oil rig, we had a safety briefing in the heli admin lounge. That’s SOP for any arriving crew. Then I was shown around by our guide, Nick Howell, accompanied by drilling engineer supervisor and friend, Fraser Lawson. Those who read my new novel MURDER AT CAPE THREE POINTS will be able to relate to some of the oil rig landmarks described in the novel after viewing the photo presentation below.

(All photos by West Leo Performance Coach, Nick Howell.)

A note about the return trip to shore. Unlike the outgoing journey, this time I sat in the first row directly behind the pilots and it made a tremendous difference to the experience, because I now had an unobstructed, panoramic view of the ocean and horizon. It is very much like sitting in the first row of a roller coaster, and indeed, when the helicopter lifted off, my stomach swooped. “Whoa,” I thought. “Freaky.”

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