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★ KWEI’S FILM REVIEWS-4: Special Halloween 2023 Edition★

In my film reviews, I start with the benchmark of five stars and then deduct half or one point if the film falls short in any of the following categories: · Storyline · Screenplay · Acting · Direction · Character Arcs

Unleash the Laughter and Scream this Halloween with “The Blackening” on Amazon Prime

Look no further if you're searching for the perfect film to cap off your Halloween festivities. The gem for you is now streaming on Amazon Prime: “The Blackening.” This horror-comedy blend is set to tickle your funny bone while sending chills down your spine.

Isolated luxury cabin in the woods
Dare you go in? DON'T! (Image: Poe AI)

Plot Overview

“The Blackening” takes us on a wild ride with a group of Black friends who come together for a Juneteenth weekend getaway in a remote cabin. But the joyous reunion takes a dark turn as they find themselves trapped in the hands of a twisted killer playing a dangerous game. The friends must navigate through a series of eerie and hilarious challenges, attempting to outsmart their predator.

Cast Highlights

With a stellar cast including Sinqua Walls, Jay Pharoah, James Preston Rogers, Yvonne Orji, Grace Byers, and Jermaine Fowler, this film promises powerhouse performances that are as funny as they are intense. The chemistry among the cast is palpable, making their perilous journey all the more engaging.


“The Blackening” strikes a successful balance between horror and comedy, ensuring that you’re clutching your sides in laughter one moment and jumping out of your seat the next. It's a homage to classic horror tropes while also serving up sharp, witty commentary and parodies on the genre. The film weaves in reflections on black social issues ironically and humorously. And, of course, brace yourself for a wicked twist that ties it all together at the end.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Storyline: Engaging with lovely plot holes you might spot from a mile away. But honestly, the movie's charm ensures you won’t care too much.

  • Screenplay: It's hard not to love the dialogue. It's snappy, witty, and has moments that'll make you outright chuckle.

  • Acting: This isn't the place if you're looking for a subtle performance. The cast goes over the top, and it's just the right amount of exaggeration needed for a film of this nature.

  • Direction: The vision is clear, and the execution is spot-on, making it evident that the direction is nothing short of robust.

  • Character arcs: While not the most profound arcs you've ever seen, they serve the narrative well. Whatever arcs there were, they perfectly fit the tone and style of this movie.

Bottom line: All you need now is a bowl of popcorn and your comfy couch. “The Blackening” is bound to offer you a good dose of laughter intertwined with some spine-tingling moments. Dive into the world of comedy-horror this Halloween and let the film entertain you with its unique blend of laughs and creepy surprises. Enjoy the show!

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