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The 10 Most Hackneyed and Ridiculous Tropes in Crime Movies

Crime movies are a beloved genre, full of suspense, drama, and action. But let's face it, they can also be chock-full clichés ranging from the absurd to the downright ridiculous. Here are ten of the most hackneyed tropes that make us roll our eyes and laugh out loud.

1. The Bumbling Henchman

These guys are always incredibly stupid.

2. The Villain Monologue  

Just when the hero is about to be defeated, the villain decides it’s the perfect time to reveal every detail of their master plan, giving the hero ample time to escape.

3. The Perfectly Timed Explosion  

No matter how complicated the bomb, our hero always manages to walk away just in time for it to explode in a perfectly cinematic fashion, sunglasses intact – mostly.

4. The Mysteriously Printed Photographs  

In the digital age, our savvy detective still stumbles upon crucial evidence in the form of freshly printed photographs. Because, apparently, villains have a nostalgic love for physical prints!

5. The Instant Computer Genius  

Give them five seconds and they can hack into any system. The screen always has fancy graphics and sound effects, of course.

6. The Car That Never Starts  

Just as the hero needs to make a quick getaway, the car inexplicably refuses to start, only to roar to life at the last possible moment.

7. The One-Punch Knockout 

Forget martial arts skills or real combat – a single punch is all it takes to knock out any adversary in these movies.

8. The Never-Ending Ammo  

The hero’s gun seems to have a bottomless magazine, allowing it to fire endlessly without the inconvenience of reloading it

9. The Conveniently Placed Newspaper Clipping 

Important plot details are always discovered in newspaper clippings that just happen to be lying around in convenient places.

10. The Unlikely Love Embrace  

Amidst the chaos of fighting crime, the hero finds time to fall head-over-heels in love, often with someone they met five minutes ago.

What are your favorite eye-rolling tropes you love to hate?

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The final fight scene when the hero already with bullet and knife wounds, broken ribs, one eye swollen shut, meets the most vicious of the villains... Gets hammered in the head slammed into a wall, thrown through a glass window, but somehow summons the strength to suddenly block all the punches they missed blocking before. Then starts to rain blows, kicks and elbows on the villain to end up victorious with one final thunderous fight ending blow.

Replying to

Yes!! I saw one where the guy was shot through the shoulder with a barbed arrow. He pulls the arrow out (can you imagine the damage to the shoulder joint?) and SEWS himself up with a fishing hook and twine. The next day, he's perfectly fine. Wow.

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